We are delighted to share some of the amazing stories of our residents and their families who have found a home at Sunabella at Towne Lake. Here, you will find heartfelt accounts of what it’s like to live in our community and the impact it has had on their lives. From the comfort of their own homes, our residents are able to continue living their lives with dignity and independence.

“Thank you everyone for helping her feel welcome and caring for her. This means everything to me when I place someone. Thank you so much Margie. You and your staff are incredible. My Sister has never been treated with such great care”Bob, family member
“Sunabella is a wonderful community. Your loved ones will be in good hands. The staff is compassionate and caring!”Leslie M., family member
“This is a beautiful, clean assisted living and the entire staff is so caring and attentive to all the needs of the residents. I know because Sunabella is my mom’s home. We love the entire staff.”Terry O., family member
“You are all the best! The staff are the best I have seen, especially in Cherokee county. Amazing location and they really treat your loved ones like their own parents/grandparents and spoil them rotten. They have so many activities for everyone and it’s truly loving”Beckie K., family member
“Sunabella of Towne Lake was very nice. I especially liked that they had a center courtyard that had plants, and all of the units opened out onto that with a little patio area. I thought that was very nice, and the lady that showed me around was very nice, too. It’s a smaller community, so there’s personalized service there. The dining area looked just like a regular dining area, so it wasn’t anything special. They have everything socially distanced with the tables and the way that they had the seating set up. The facility itself looked very clean and very well kept, and I actually saw somebody cleaning while I was there. The staff was very friendly and very helpful. It seemed like she was really there to help me, and was really interested in my parents and what she could do for us. It sounded like she would really try to look at their needs and the things that they like to do, and it sounded like she would plan activities based on what they like for the community.”Amy., family member
“My mom is at Sunabella of Towne Lake. We are enjoying it very much. She has a studio apartment with a very nice large handicapped bathroom. She has a little microwave and a little refrigerator. She also has a door that accesses a little porch out to the courtyard, so it’s very nice. She’s in a wheelchair, so it’s enough room for her to get around. It also has nice windows so that she can see outside in the gardens and stuff. I have not tried the food but only their iced tea and cookies. My mom can’t eat gluten or dairy, but all that I’ve seen look good. They have a very nice activity director; Katie is wonderful. They have a nice activity room. She does exercises, and they have people come in from outside to do singing and things. She does games and manicures, and they have a movie day. It’s a smaller community. There are only like 35 in the community, so there’s no swimming pool, but they have a beautiful outside garden with raised beds. They also have a screened-in porch for barbecues and stuff like that. They’re pretty up-to-date. My mom’s room was recently painted. It has new flooring and new countertops. From the ones that I’ve seen in there, they’re all maintained to that level, which is nice. The staff has been super kind to my mother. They’re very friendly and very nice. They do every two hours check on the individuals like if they need a restroom or if they need anything. And they provide a pendant that’s a call button. When my mom pushes it, someone comes almost immediately. There’s no real wait time. It’s an old building. I think recently with the freeze, they had pipes burst, so they had to do a whole lot of new construction for that. But from what I can tell, at least from my mom’s room and the areas I’ve been to, it’s well-maintained and it’s clean. For us, it’s a good cost. My mom has extra-tiered service. Their meals and room are one price, and then depending on their needs, they have extra tiered service, so you don’t have to pay over and above what your person needs. If somebody is more independent, then your charges are less.”Susan., family member